Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products do you refill?

We carry hundreds of items for refill. Our products page lists the variety of products we carry in the store.

Why do you use a bottle deposit system?

During COVID, we have been asked by Fraser Health / WCB to minimize touching in the shop. Also, we do not have time to re-sanitize all containers that come into the shop. We are a very small business, we are new, whilst also navigating through the changes and adaptations needed as a business to keep everyone as safe as possible during COVID – keeping our staff and customers safe is our priority.

Regardless of whether COVID is transmitted through touching, or from not wearing a face mask, our staff are not all comfortable passing bottles back and forth. We respectfully ask that others respect their feelings on this.

But isn’t the whole idea to reuse?

Short answer, we still reuse. Believe us when we say that reusing is best for the environment, our plans originally were to reuse the bottles you already have at home. We have not forgotten that plan, and do intend to go back as soon as we get the go ahead from WCB.

Our bottle deposit system is set up so you can return your bottle deposit ($1.25ea for bottles 750ml and smaller / $2.50 for 1L mason jars) at any time. Also, you can ask for a free upcycled, re-sanitized container instead if you prefer. And with both these options – you can return the container – and we will swap for another clean bottle deposit, or return your money for the bottle deposit if you do not wish to refill again.

How do I return my bottle deposit or drop off upcycled containers?

We have a bucket to return used containers in. Kindly put them in there for us, we will swap out your bottle if you are once again refilling, or we will return your money back if you do not need another refill.

Returned bottles will get re-sanitized and reused in the future.

What about using gloves? Why won’t your staff wear gloves?

Allergies to gloves. Plus, one time use gloves are not a solution in our opinion. Throwing them away after only a few hours a day defeats the purpose of what we do.

How and when can we return our bottle deposit jar?

We encourage our customers to return and swap these bottle deposits as soon as they can. Please run it through the dishwasher or hand wash it first before returning. There is a bucket for used containers beside our counter for returned bottle deposits.

What happens with your bottle deposits after COVID is over?

We do not want to purchase any more than we have to either. We will, and do use our bottle deposits for delivery, so they will get used, and reused. We properly re-sanitize them after drop off.

Do you accept used containers for upcycling?

Yes we do. Feel free to donate glass or plastic containers. We do ask that: you have cleaned them on the outside and inside. We also do not take bottles one drinks out of, and we also do not accept large containers as we only have so much room in the shop.

We especially love wide mouth jars, yogurt containers! Easy for dried goods and for customers to use a spatula to get every part of the liquid out of the bottle at home.

Where do you get your product?

Over 50% of our refillable products are local. Many of the suppliers we carry take back the containers they give to use and reuse/refill them too. Another 15% is Canadian made product at the rest from elsewhere.

What if I just want to try one of your products first before I commit?

We have lots of testers in the store. Also, the best thing about refilling is that you can buy as little or as much as you want. Just try a smaller amount the first before you commit to filling up a whole container if you are unsure.

What is your returns policy?

Unopened regularly stocked product within 15 days of purchase can be returned. No returns on refillable items. Before you leave the store test out the products first, or buy a little amount the first time to make sure you like the product.

Refill, Reuse, Repeat!